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D|elta Airlines Reservations | Flights | Official Site

Known as a legacy carrier and one of the largest carriers in the USA, D|elta Airlines handles thousands of flights on a daily basis and covers most of the world. Based on the fleet size and the amounts of passengers, D|elta Airlines is also considered the second largest airline in the world. It is not just impressive in size, but it is also one of the first airlines in the USA, so it has a rich history. Whether it comes to D|elta Airlines reservations, flights or tickets, there are certain things you need to know upfront. Overall, booking with this company is fairly simple and does not bring in any challenges. You can fly pretty much everywhere. Even if there are no direct flights, chances are you can get to a major hub and switch there. All in all, here is everything you need to know.

A brief history of D|elta Airlines Reservations

The company was established in the spring of 1925. Initially, it used to help in agriculture and sprayed chemicals to prevent infestations. It was based in Macon, Georgia. Passenger operations started years later, in 1929. By that time, D|elta Airlines was quite large and had a few hubs. It kept expanding and ended up moving its headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia in 1941. By 1997, D|elta Airlines reservations exceeded 100 million per calendar year – the first company to reach this point. During the same year, it started its international expansion. In 2005, the company struggled with the rising fuel costs. It filed for bankruptcy, but it recovered relatively fast. In 2008, it acquired Northwest Airlines, which became history in 2010.

Where you can fly with D|elta Airlines Flights

D|elta Airlines flights cover most of the world now. The company runs more than 5,400 flights on a daily basis. It covers five continents, over 50 countries and more than 350 destinations. It is a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance and it runs a few subsidiaries and affiliates under the D|elta Connection name. Moreover, D|elta Airlines has nine different hubs in the USA, including New York, Los Angeles and Boston. It is worth noting that other than D|elta Airlines flights, no other American company flies to Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Nice, Stuttgart, Accra, Johannesburg, Lagos and Dakar. When it comes to domestic flights, people can get D|elta Airlines tickets in states like Georgia, Louisiana, Idaho, New York, South Carolina, Iowa, Illinois and Texas, among others. It aims to cover most states in the USA. International D|elta Airlines flights are a bit more diversified though. People can fly to Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Iceland, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and the UK, among many others. Some of the flights are seasonal, yet new flights and routes are scheduled on a yearly basis. Most D|elta Airlines flights are operated with Boeing and Airbus aircrafts – more than 800 of them. Dela Airlines has the largest fleet of Boeing 717, 757 and 767 in the world. When it comes to local airlines, it is the largest operator of Airbus A330 in the USA.

Rewards of D|elta Flights Reservations

Your D|elta Airlines booking could come with a few rewards. For example, SkyMiles is the flyer program for the airline. Miles are acquired by flying with the company or using its credit cards. They do not expire, but accounts can be terminated if fraudulent activity is detected or the user dies. Other than that, such miles can be used for various options – tickets, upgrades and luxury products. The program was created in 1981, but the official name was set in 1995. D|elta Airlines was the first company in the US providing miles with no expiration date. Other than that, D|elta Airlines reservations also come with a SkyBonus program, which helps small and middle business owners. It was launched in 2001. It is aimed at business owners spending more than $5,000 on flights on a yearly basis. The program allows business owners get free travel, upgrades and benefits for the employees. The D|elta Sky Club is not to be overlooked either. The company’s airport lounges are all in this club. Such a membership can be purchased in two different ways – an annual price or miles. International flyers going in first class are also accepted in the club. Different locations come with different features. However, most of them bring in free drinks, snacks, newspapers and magazines. Wireless Internet is also provided.

How to book D|elta Airlines tickets

Booking D|elta Airlines flights is fairly simple. You can do it face to face or over the Internet. When it comes to face to face meetings, you can reach into official stores, offices or travel operators. This option is safe, but you want a bit of variety when searching. You want to look around and find good value for money without feeling awkward about asking the operator to try one date after another. Over the Internet, things are much easier. You can get a D|elta Airlines booking within minutes only. The official website is clearly the way to go. You will find a menu on top with basic information, but you also have a large search function in the middle of the page. Once on the D|elta Airlines official site, decide whether you want a simple one way trip, a return flight or a multi city flight. Choose the date, as well as the number of passengers and search. You also have some search options, such as shopping with miles, finding refundable fares or going for flexible dates. An advanced search function is available too. You can also get D|elta Airlines tickets through third party websites. There are plenty of them, but stick to a reputable name. You will have the same search function – dates and destinations mostly. However, you will get flight results from more companies. If you want to book with your miles, third party portals may not necessarily be the best ideas. If you do not shop with miles, they are worth a look – sometimes, their prices could be lower. Furthermore, there is a different category of third party websites that will go even further with the search. Not only do they search on official websites of airlines, but they also put most third party platforms tomorrow. You will get a more comprehensive search, but shopping with miles may not always be possible. Plus, you will find results from more companies and not just D|elta Airlines.

Main rules

The truth is most people never go through the lengthy terms and conditions, yet they end up facing a series of unexpected situations later on. Every D|elta Airlines booking comes with some conditions and rules. You can also find them on the D|elta Airlines official site or when you book. The luggage raises most of these issues. All D|elta Airlines flights allow a free carry-on bag, as well as a personal item, such as a laptop bag or a purse. The carry-on bag should not exceed 45 linear inches. As for the weight, there are no restrictions about it. But then, some destinations or airports come with restrictions. Singapore (Singapore), Beijing and Shanghai (China) come with requirements – 15 pounds for Singapore and 22 pounds for China. Traveling with more than just a carry-on bag? You might want to know about the checked baggage as well. As a general rule of thumb, your bag should be less than 50 pounds in weight. You can get a heavier one, but you will pay more. The second checked bag is more expensive than the first one. While prices are usually standard, different fares, routes and destinations may come with different prices. Simply double check the terms and conditions on the D|elta Airlines official site or pay attention when you book. Those parts of the reward programs may benefit from a free checked bag. As for checking in, try to be in the airport about two hours before the departure. You can check in over the Internet as well – usually around 24 hours upfront. You can then print the boarding pass or simply use the official app for D|elta Airlines flights. You can find your flights there or use your smartphone as a boarding pass. It will have a bar code or a QR code to scan. Not a technology freak? Not a big fan of queues? You will find local kiosks in airports that allow you to check in without too much hassle.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, your D|elta Airlines booking is quite straightforward and intuitive. You do not need to be a genius and there are no hidden fees, taxes or unusual terms in the conditions. There are more ways to purchase D|elta Airlines tickets, whether you use the D|elta Airlines official site or a third party company. Make sure you are careful about the terms and conditions and try to go through them as you make a booking. The company benefits from a great reputation and has a rich history. It is one of the largest names in the USA for some good reasons.

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